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    Viruses and malware gradually deteriorate both the computerís hardware and software health. It not only slows the computer and makes proper function impossible to perform, but also poses the risk of permanently crashing your system.

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Computers and the InternetTechnology is growing advanced day by the day, and so are the security threats and concerns it brings with. Making sure that your computer is equipped with a good antivirus software is mandatory regardless of the purpose of the computer and the frequency of browsing internet.

A Norton antivirus Support can eliminate the risk of falling prey to online threats by the following:-

1. A shield from the viruses. Viruses have been designed to affect or steal the data/ information in your system.

In the presence of an antivirus, it is impossible to damage the important information and altercate the operating system. With the security barricade provided by antivirus protection, the threat and malware codes never reach the CPU,so, your system and the data are always protected.

2. Mammoth barrier for hackers Hackers are the humans using internet for malign purposes.

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